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(585) 768-2322

Monday- Friday 8AM- 5PM EST

Advanced Automotive & Manufacturing Services


CNC Milling (up to 4 axis)

Part Size 50" x 25" x 25" up to 2200lb.

CNC Turning

21" Diameter 44" Long

Wire EDM

EDM Drilling

Surface and Cylindrical Grinding

Offset Cylindrical Grinding (Cam & Crank Grinding)

McQuillen Inc. specializes in rapid prototyping and manufacturing of complex parts and difficult projects. Lead times as short as 2-3 days.

Please fill out of the form below with project specifics and we will contact you within 1 day.

Example projects include:

Complex Test Fixturing

Custom Billet Crankshafts and Camshafts

Camshaft Modification

Custom Connecting Rods

Fuel Injection Systems

Heat Exchangers

Sparger Tanks

OEM Engine Modification

Production Tooling